A new year and a new direction. We as a church are by nature multigenerational, so as we worship as a family of God so also do we want to be together as a family of God. Family worshiping together has value. There are many excuses for not having young children in worship, but here are some things to think about:

  • It is more important to have the “disruption,” the getting up and down, and parents getting something out of it as well as the kids. At our church, we want to celebrate the noise. That’s not to say that we applaud a child crying, or throwing things—and my heart goes out to the single parent trying to struggle with a wild child
  • If these noises weren’t there, we would be dying as a congregation
  • The last thing we do, as leadership or as fellow members, is tell families they should leave or give a glare, or whisper to our spouse, or move
  • Don’t tell the kids sitting in our pews, but I love it when a child breaks free and runs down the center aisle. That becomes one of the greatest teaching moments for me as a pastor
  • I love it when a little one says something during the sermon. We will laugh when those moments happen. We may make a joke.  Sure, I’ve had the voice tug-of-war with a child, increasing volume as they increased theirs. But I’d rather have that than no kids. That’s the atmosphere the church should convey if they want kids in church. Don’t you think?
  • Having said all that, here’s the number one reason kids should be in church. God wants them there

From pastor and the Missouri district website.

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